Think about what you want to achieve with the website before you start.  It is really easy to get into website building and spend hours and hours tinkering and playing.  If you have clarity up front on what you are trying to achieve, you can keep focused on this and not get distracted.  There are a LOT of features and toys in website land to be distracted by.

This information is assuming that your website will be used for some small business purpose.  This means there will be business and commercial objectives, such as capturing emails for later marketing or actually selling items online.

If you are only needing a website as a simple landing page, you can easily use services like Wix and (the online version of WordPress).

Other things to think about are if you will be selling items, having members or will use multiple languages.  Read the relevant sections below on these topics as you will want to set-up these functionalities as part of your initial setup.

Time: Take at least one hour to think and write down the purpose, objectives and key features you want in your website.

Cost: None.

Link: None.

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