Time: Depending on how many fonts you look at before you choose…

Cost: None, unless you buy a premium font.

Fonts are an important aspect of your website design.  In principle, use fonts which are easy to read unless you have a specific reason to do otherwise (for example, using a font related to logo or brand).

We use text (and thus fonts) to get a message across to the user/customer. We want to make it aesthetically nice. And there is a relation between aesthetics and the success of getting the message successfully to the user. If you focus too much on the looks you can lose the message and the other side there is no major webshop in comic sans :).
Here are some rules of thumb to keep in mind regarding fonts:
  1. Use a “responsive” font. Which holds an implementation for all font-weights (thin, light, regular, medium, bold, black)
  2. Use the same font for headers and text but alternate opacity or font-weight (see point 1)
  3. Never use full black (#000000) on text but black with opacity or real dark grey (same goes for full white for dark sites)
  4. Use a font without serif for better screen readability, or use serif fonts on logo’s or large leaders
  5. or
  6. Screw up the contrast and darkness of your screen and test the readability.
Font: Open Sans (standard in WordPress/Divi)

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