The below are recommended plugins to add to your system.  Other JFDI posts require specific plugins.

Install a plugin from your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > and then search for the name.  Some premium plugins you need to buy, download and then upload.

Maintenance Mode: Allows you to put a temporary page up easily while you are working.

Duplicate Page or Post: Only use one of the below, which makes copying very easy.

SMTP Email: Additional plugin to use your own SMTP server to ensure outbound emails are sent from WordPress, for example when someone fills out a comment form it will get sent to you.

Cookie Notice: Required in many countries if you use cookies, such as with Google Analytics or any other cookies.

Anti-Spam: Runs blog comments through a system to see if it is spam.

  • Link: Akismet, need a free Askimet account.

Media Replace: Allows you to swap media without breaking the links.

Divi Theme Options: Add-on plugins to make Divi easier and better.

  • Link: Divi Booster, a premium plugin that adds functionality to Divi, as well of a whole bunch of improvements that should really be part of the core Divi them… oh well.
  • Link: Divi Switch, a premium plugin that adds a suite of great customisation options to div, “at the flick of a switch”.
  • Link: Bloom, a premium plugin (part of the Elegant Themes subscription) which gives custom email builder funcionality.


Do you know more useful ‘must have’ plugins for Divi based WordPress sites?  Let us know!



Cache: Used to speed up loading of pages.

  • Link: WP Super Cache, < under testing to ensure not conflicting with cloudflare.