You need to install the WordPress system onto your database.  Login to your Hostgator cPanel, and click on Software on the left.  This brings you to the Software section.  Click on QuickInstall and then WordPress.  Select the domain from the drop down list. Leave the Directory field blank, and press Next.

Enter the Blog Title (name of your company or name of the website).  Enter an Admin user name (note, do NOT use the username ‘Admin’ as this reduces security, use something else like AdminXXXX where XXXX is any other characters).  Record your admin username on your website notes document.  Enter your first and last name, and your email.  This email is important because this is where messages will go if you forget your password.  Leave ‘automatically create new database’ checked and put a check in the terms and conditions.  Press Install.  Make a note of this temporary password in your website notes document.

You are NOT done yet!

In a different browser tab, enter the following:  Login with the temp password, and then immediately go to Users and change the password to what you prefer.

Link: < will be specific once you have an account

Cost: Free

Time: 2 minutes