Time: 10 minutes.

Cost: None.

Google Analytics (GA) allows you to see the traffic (users) viewing and interacting with your website.  It’s free, and can be really helpful to know if your website is achieving it’s purpose.

You need a Gmail account, but this account doesn’t need to be associated with the website, it’s just how to login to GA.  We recommend using the same Gmail account for all the websites you are managing, so all your analytics will be in one dashboard.

Login to Google Analytics: https://analytics.google.com/

On the bottom left, you will see a gear shaped icon for Admin, click that.  Under Account, click Create New.  Note: Accounts are groups of Properties, and a Property is a website or something like an app which you are measuring.  We recommend to use one Account per Property unless you have some reason to have multiple Properties per Account.  You can have a max of 100 GA Accounts per Gmail account.

When you setup the GA Account, it will also ask you for the Property, so you complete both steps here.  Make sure you select https:// if you have completed the SSL step of JFDI already.  If you do SSL later, remember to come back here and change this setting.

Now to link the GA to your website.  In GA, in Admin, under the Property is lists Tracking Info, and below that you find Tracking Code.  There is a box called ‘Website Tracking’ and has a bunch of text with the word ‘script’ at the top and bottom line.  Copy everything in that box.

Then go back to your website WordPress Dashboard and click on Divi > Theme Options > and then the Integrations tab.  Copy the GA script text into the field called <body> in the Divi Theme Options and Save.

On the top of the GA Admin Tracking Code page, there is a button to Test Traffic.  Click it and close the pop-up window with your site, and you will see the active users.  You can also open a new browser, or use Chrome in Incognito mode, and see how these show up.

Google Analytics is now set-up on your site.  Go through all the options below the Real Time button, to see things like Geography of users, etc.  Real Time > Content will show you which pages people are looking at on your site.

Click on Audience > Demographics in GA and click Enable, which will allow you to see these reports in the future.

Link: https://analytics.google.com/

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Read: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/resources/an-introduction-to-google-analytics-for-wordpress