Time: None, these are time saving tips.

Cost: None.

The Divi theme allows you to save module, rows, sections or even entire pages to their in built Library. For example, you can create a Person Module, tweak it the way you want it, then save it to the library to re-use on a different page. Loading the module from the library then allows you to adjust it’s contents, keeping your customisations like colours and fonts. Saves time. You can also make saved items ‘Global’ meaning if you have multiple instances of the item, changes will propagate to all. Ideal for an “About Me” section.

Another handy tip is to use the Library for editing pages that are already live. Duplicate the page (you are using the “Duplicate Posts” plugin, right?), then edit the page to your hearts content, without it affecting the live version of the page. When your happy, choose Save To Library from the top of the Divi Builder. Name it and hit save. Now open the original ‘live’ page, and choose Load From Library at the top of the Divi Builder (see screenshot). Choose your named layout. If you want to replace the whole page with your updated version, check the ” Replace the existing content with loaded layout” box. And your done. Updated the page without your edits messing with the live page. Don’t forget to delete your edit page if you no longer need it.

Of course if you are designing a new section rather than editing existing content, you can work on in a draft page, then load it from the library without checking the replace box, and the section gets added to the page. Handy stuff.

Divi also comes with a bunch of prebuilt page layouts, accessible via the Library, and there are a ton of free and premium Modules, sections and even entire pages to be found. Google terms like “Custom Divi Countdown Module”, for example. How to use those is covered in the next tip.

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