Time: 5 minutes for basic set-up, and 15 for gmail integration.

Cost: None.

You can create an email account with your hosting provider.  In our case, we use Hostgator.  The below explains how to create the email account in Hostgator and then use the email from a Gmail account.

1. Set up a gmail account.

2. In Hostgator cPanel, go to the Emails section and then Email Accounts.  Add the prefix in the Email Account field, such as your first name, or info.  Whatever will go before the @ sign.  Then pick the proper domain name to go after the @ sign.  Select unlimited for the quota and then create.  Done!

3. To read your email without Gmail, go to the following:   yourdomainname/webmail which will forward to a site where you can login with the username and password you made in step 2.

4. To forward your email, login based on #3 and then in the top right of the page and click on your email which will drop down a list, and then pick Forwarders.  Click on Add Forwarder, and put in the Gmail account you use to read your emails.

5. To actually SEND emails from your Gmail account which looks like it comes from your new email address.  Login based on #3 and then use the dropdown menu and select Configure Mail Client.  On the bottom of the for the Manual Settings.

Go to your Gmail account and click the gear icon on the top right.  Then Settings.  On the top row of blue menu items, click Accounts and Imports.  Under the section ‘Send Mail As’ click ‘Ad another email address’, which will pop up another yellow box.  Add your name and the new email address, and leave ‘use as alias’ and then Next Steps, using the data you found in the Manual Settings from the previous paragraph.

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