Time: 15 minutes.

Cost: None.

If you already have a WordPress Divi website created, and simply want to copy that content, you can do the following.

Create the new website following the above instructions, including the domain, hosting, WordPress and Divi install.  Create the Users in the new website to which to assign the content from the old website when you copy.

Import Content:

  • In the OLD website, Dashboard > Tools > Export and Export All.  This will create a file on your desktop.
  • In the NEW website, Dashboard > Tools > Import and under WordPress click Install Now, which will install a WordPress Import Plugin.  Click Run Importer.  Choose the .xml file you made above and Import.  Assign the content to the correct new user, and click import attachments.  Click Submit.

Import Divi Theme settings:

  • In the OLD website, Dashboard > Divi > Theme Options and on the far right there are to arrows (up and down).  Click on them.  Export a .json file to your desktop.
  • In the NEW website, follow the same path and Import.

Do the same trick on Divi Customiser.

The content will be a bit of a mess, but all the pieces will be there to work from without starting from scratch!

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