You need to make a few quick clean up actions on any new WordPress installation.

From the Dashboard, click on Plugins.  Delete anything that has been installed there automatically.  You will pick specific plugins based on your needs later.  Note, if there are ‘Must Use’ plugins defined by your hosting provider, you can disable these by installing the following plugin: DisableMU by Dave McHale.

Then go to Settings>General and make sure the Site and Tagline are accurate (these will show up on the top of browsers).  Make sure the date format and time format are correct for your geography.  You can change the language of WordPress here (not this is to change the language of the console, not of the website that visitors will see).  Save.

Settings > Permalinks and select Post Name and Save.

There is a Sample Page and a ‘Hello World’ post already created, delete them.


Cost: Free

Time: 5 minutes