You need to point the domain ( to the hosting server.  This means when a user puts your domain in their browser, they will connect via the Internet to the right server with your website.

Step 1: Find out the nameservers for your hosting.  In Hostgator, login to Cpanel and scroll down until you see them on the right column.  There are two, a primary and secondary.

Step 2: Login to Hostnet, go to My Hostnet, then to Services and find your domain name.  Click on the domain name you want to point to the server, which will open a new screen.  Click on Change Name Servers.  On the bottom left, copy the primary and secondary nameservers from Hostgator and paste them into the fields here.  Don’t enter anything for IP addresses.  Click Make Change.  In a few hours, the internet systems will have the new information so your domain name will point to your server.

Link: < will be specific once you have an account


Cost: Included in hosting and domain

Time: 2 minutes